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janice dean says those yellow jerseys are called. [ speaking french ] >> i think italian. >> thanks to everybody. here is shepard smith. >> shep: nivani. >> menaijeune. >> and the news begins anew. more than 50 people injured, several of them critical this afternoon after a commuter fairy crashed into a pier near new york still. this flu outbreak is getting very serious. so bad that emergency rooms are said to be turning away patients because there is no more room in there and one city declaring a health emergency. more today as we got word in the last year's movie theater massacre may have planned his shooting simply important months and apparently cased the place
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to ensure maximum carnage. breaking news first on studio "b". more news is breaking in new york city. first a ferry crash and now this. this is queens where rescue crews say a crane has collapsed just across from manhattan. this is across the genes borough bridge and you get into queens, many of you have been here know of this huge pepsi sign that has been there for decades. this is where the crane has been collapsed. other local station has been on the scene for a few minutes and it happened less than half an hour ago. a crane collapsed. the accident happened just south of the bridge at 225 eastern standard time.
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four people are injured according to an official. they are saying as many of seven are injured. a captain of a passing tugboat tells my fox new york that he heard a loud bang and say the boom crashing down. weather is not an issue this afternoon. the winds are not high. the t79s are not extreme. we don't know what exactly happened. four people are injured. that confirmed as many as seven according to the helicopter pilot, sky fox. as we get crews on the ground we'll bring you an update. first from fox at 3:00, two people are in critical condition here in city. a commuter ferry today it went wrong and slammed into a dock. hundreds of passengers on board at the time. officials say nearly 60 people
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are hurt and it happened when the force of the impact sent them crashing into each other and the seats around them. >> lined up on the stairs and flown forward and two people were in the standing areas around the bar area where they serve breakfast. those people got badly hurt. >> the captain screamed, call 911. get ambulances here. after that, people piled in. as you can see, there is enough here and it was really scary. >> shep: scary for a lot of people. this boat goes past the statue of liberty and people standing and people were standing waiting to get off the thing. firefighters were there within minutes to take people to medical treatment. many were bandaged upright there. some were able to walk away with help of first responders.
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here is a look at damage to the ferry. doesn't look like that but it was hard crash. n.t.s.b. is on the scene to investigate and the company that owns the ships is starting its own review. the this comes after 12 years ago after a captain passed out and crashed into a pier. rick eleven thol is on the scene. what more do we know? >> they were making a run to new jersey to appear in in lower manhattan. they arrived just after 8:40 a.m. it was traveling at 10-12 knots and struck slip "b". a lot of people were thrown in glass, into each other and some even down a staircase. 57 injuries, many head, neck and back injuries. nine of them serious, two
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critical. some people sitting down were even hurt. >> lack of a better description, i think people lot of people got their backs wrenched and they were immobilized. >> the ntsb team is here and they are working with the u.s. coastguard and a press conference is planned. >> shep: it's my understanding this ship had recently mechanical upgrades? >> it did. in fact the owners of the company say they had new propulsion system that makes the ship more efficient but not necessarily faster but something went wrong to propel this boat and creating a huge gash in the right front hole there. the president of the company told us their first priority is to do what they can to the people that got hurt.
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their captain is the most senior captain and he is upset about what happened. >> he is very concerned for the people that got hurt. he knows these people. he transported these people for years. we know these people. we are concerned and we what to do whatever we can for these people that got hurt. >> reporter: five person crew has been tested for drugs and alcohol. alcohol test is like a roadside sobriety and they all passed and drug test is blood test so we won't know for a few days. >> shep: a passenger on that ferry, it must have been a stunner? >> it was. >> shep: you come around from the statue of liberty and all the locals know you are going to dock, what happened? >> people stand up and get ready to get their stuff and coats. next thing you know, everybody
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is flying around. people are on the ground. i jerked forward. after that it was kind disbelief and shock what happened. there was damage control assessment to see if anybody was hurt. >> shep: could you tell you were coming in fast? any warning that something weird was about to happen? >> no, not really. the only just simply because i didn't know exactly where we were. i was in the middle of a book or on my phone or something. i didn't have that recognition, we should be here and going this fast or this slow. >> shep: it's my understanding people that were standing got tossed around bad? >> absolutely, absolutely. i was in the very back. i was in the last seat on the boat. so a lot of people were behind
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me. basically anybody who were standing up they were going to fly. they went down hard. the staircase, it was going to be pretty apparent that is where a lot of the hurt people probably are going to be. >> shep: did everybody stay calm or did they go nuts? >> it did not go nuts. the online screaming that i even heard was from people yelling down to the people on the dock to say, get help. there wasn't a lot of panic or hysteria. >> shep: that is good news because a lot of times after these things people get hurt. chris who was aboard, thanks for calling in. officials in boston have declared a public health emergency now over the flu epidemic. just the latest city where the
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out break has hit hard overwhelming hospitals and forcing some to turn away patients. e.r.s across the nation have been flooded. people suffering from sore throat and body aches. they say it's a lot worse than normal. at last count it put more than 2,000 people in hospitals. it killed at least 18 children. that is just likely a fraction of the deaths because the government doesn't keep a full count. one hospital in pennsylvania set up an emergency tent. then in chicago, hospitals have been sending ambulances away because there is no more room forepatients. steve brown is at one hospital in chicago. how many hospitals refusing new patients? >> this morning at 9:00 it was
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one hospital that was called bypass. on monday, 11 different hospitals around the state were on bypass. what that means for non-emergency patients, drivers are directed to go to another hospital and a lot of that is attributed to flu cases particularly in the chicago area. it is not unusual to happen, but have a cluster 11 different hospitals on one day, that is unusual. >> shep: steve brown, thanks. the doctor is with us attending physician at winthrop here in new york. everybody says this one is worse? >> we heard last season it was very mild and this is very severe. the flu season has started much earlier this year. we know that people were mixing holiday seasons and hospitals
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are at capacity with many patients. >> shep: it's not like if it starts earlier in the season it ends earlier. this may go for a long time? >> there were a number of cases and we are likely to see many more cases. we have vulnerable children and many people are being vaccinated. the good news is vaccine is matching the strain. >> shep: it takes three weeks? >> it does but get a flu vaccine if you haven't had it. >> shep: get that shot. it will not make you sick. its dead virus. >> well, you know... it can't give you flu but other symptoms. the advice is still get the flu vaccine. >> shep: former f.b.i. agent as far as we know someone's hostage for at least six years. u.s. officials always said
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terrorists were holding him, but now they say iran's government has something to do with his disappearance. this is new set of developments. plus, can drinking soda give you depression? or does depression make you drink soda? or is this just all stupid? we'll talk to doctor between that. or is it sugar or the fact that you are not napping? we'll be back.
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>>. >> shep: the family of a retired f.b.i. agent that just disappeared in iran has now released pictures of the guy dressed like a guantanamo bay prisoner. the family says somebody sent these photos showing the former agent robert levensonsport ago beer, wrapped in chains holding signs. one of them reads this is a result of serving 30 years for
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u.s.a., this i am here in guantanamo. they are stepping up efforts to find him. he vanished in 2007 while working as a private investigator after he retired from the f.b.i. last time anybody saw him was he was in iran in the persian gulf on an island. they say that the iranian government could have sent those pictures to his family. david lee miller in new york -- so the family has had these photos for a couple years. why are they going public now? >> it comes down to this. robert levinson's wife she wants to make sure that disappearance of her husband is not forgotten. president obama has said he will do everything possible and the former employer f.b.i. is doing
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all it can. what she wants is washington to put more pressure on the iranians. she says she has no idea where or when these photos were taken or why they were even sent to her. >> i have no idea what purpose they serve which is why we held on to them for so long. i am releasing them now to make sure that people are aware that he still in someone's custody. believe it's the iranians and has not been released. it is almost six years and he is still not home with his family. >> reporter: f.b.i. is offering a million dollar reward for information leading to his safe return. >> shep: other than the fact that she disappeared while on iranian island why do they suspect the jeirn government? >> whoever mailed the pictures of levinson was professional. he didn't leave any type of trail. they traced it to a cellphone in afghanistan but discovered the
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phone's owner didn't have anything to do with the pictures. investigators said it looks like the work of the iranian intelligence service. for the shortly after he was abducted his english language news service reported that he was in the government's custody and he would be released in a few days. ever since then, iran has do denied any involvement whatsoever and claims to have conducted a series of searches and raids and have turned up nothing. >> shep: david lee miller, thank you. >> managing editor and executive business of the "wall street journal" john buffy. six years, wow! >> the associated press has the story now that says that u.s. intelligence officials are saying, look, when we examined it and put the pieces together, the most logical conclusion is that iranian intelligence is behind this. for the reason your correspondent said they could not trace where the photos came
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from. they couldn't trace where the video came from. before it came from an internet cafe in pakistan. the u.s. has gotten good tracking down cellphone transmissions. this is the concern. >> shep: usually when somebody takes somebody, they want something in return. there hasn't been anything like that. >> you could say that is perhaps additional indicator that this is a government or intelligence agency within a government that is behind it. because, various times you want to be able to play out cards. you don't know what the relationship with the united states is going to be like down the road, who they are going to scoop up. maybe to trade somebody or you may just want to keep a bur in the side of united states. some of this trade and u.s. is
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doing things to try to find him. iranians may be examining what the u.s. is doing to see how it works in a case like this. >> shep: he was a private investigator at the time. maybe somebody wants to get information from them? >> that hasn't been fielded as a reason. remember all of this is murky. presumption that iranian agents, he was taken in kish but that is not a reason he had some kind of secret information. his liability in this particular case was being an american. >> shep: john bussey, thank you. >> insurance giant aig have decided they will not sue us for bailing them out when the economy crashed. did you hear this yesterday? we gave them $180 billion and
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the shareholders are suing us and they still are. and new information about the guy who won the lottery and dropped dead. the police investigation, first they said, ah, he died of natural causes the day after he hit a million dollar scratch-off jackpot. then they found the cyanide which complicated the original theory. she's still the one for you -
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>>. >> shep: continuing coverage of breaking news out of the borough of queens. rescue crews are on the scene. here is the collapse of a crane in queens. town of long island city. it's across the queensboro bridge. fox five, log station is
12:26 pm
reporting and now confirming five people injured in the crane collapse. the man that saw it happened. ben is with us that lives in apartments nearby. what did you see or hear? >> i was actually working at my desk. i felt the apartment shaking. at first i thought it was like a typical construction noise but i realize it was much louder and i walked over and i saw it. i could see the police coming from manhattan over the bridge you were saying. >> shep: what was the scene like? >> they were all clearing the scene doing whatever their protocol for an emergency. when it went downstairs, to check it out, all the police were lining up in front and getting their emergency stuff ready. >> shep: it looks like a pretty
12:27 pm
big construction site. is the crane new? >> the crane has been up for last week. construction site has been going for about a year. >> shep: the crane has collapsed. rescue workers on the scene. it happened less than an hour ago. five people were injured and we don't know how bad they are. we'll get you more on this new york city, breaking news as it happens. other breaking news and coming in now facing a certain backlash from washington and beyond. aig will not be joining its share holder lawsuit against the united states government. aig was legally obliged to consider joining the lawsuit being brought against the government by the former chief executive who claims that the terms of the $180 billion bailout weren't fair to shareholders. you gave me 180 bailout but you
12:28 pm
charged me too much and i'm going to sue you. aig was rescued from the brink of collapse by the u.s. government at the height of the financial crisis. actually you rescued aig and you saved all those jobs and you the american taxpayer are the reason that hank greenberg is able to file a lawsuit in essence against you. it nearly imploded after it made enormous horrible bets on mortgage investments and nobody inside could have known. gerri willis is with us. the shareholders said too fine but hank greenberg waited to decide whether he would join, saying, wait? >> greenberg was leaving the circus. he wanted $25 billion. >> shep: $25 billion? >> $25 billion because he says the government violated the constitution, the second amendment to avert the crisis
12:29 pm
for aig, i guess. remember that the government bailed out aig, aig has now paid that loan back as of last month and even putting up ads how great this is. the aig board, he has prevailed there, they refused his demand in its entirety. they will not be a part of the lawsuit. if greenberg goes ahead, he will have to do it on his own. he a major shareholder. remember that greenberg i believe is 85 years old. he used to run the company. he believes that the government rescued the entire financial system by bailing out aig. because of that the company was abused and misused for government purposes and that is illegal under the constitution. you are forecast at me but this is their point. >> shep: had the government not
12:30 pm
bailed the company out the company would have collapsed and financial system might have, as well. >> that is what the federal reserve said yesterday. the other option was bankruptcy. >> shep: he is also 85. >> i'm sure he is coherent. >> he hasn't sued anyone lately, i think he should. pick a target. [ laughter ] >> shep: i'll meet you on the island. >> this is going nowhere. people are so angry. the board wouldn't touch this. >> shep: height of arrogance, really. thank you, gerri. >> the suspect in the colorado movie massacre staked out the theater taking pictures on his phone. that is just the beginning of the disturbing photos they showed in court. we'll get you details. word that the president could consider an executive order --
12:31 pm
what might that mean for gun owners? the top of the news straight ahead. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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>>. >> shep: the suspect in the movie theater massacre in colorado spent months prepping for his rampage. that from prosecutors in the preliminary hearing to decide whether he will face trial. after days of testimony, prosecutors capped off the case with disturbing new details on the suspected shooter james holmes.
12:35 pm
he is accused of storming a movie screening, killing 12 and injuring 58. prosecutors showed pictures, pictures they found on the suspect's cellphone. they aren't releasing them to public but the descriptions alone are chilling. according to our producer in the courtroom, some of the pictures were taken weeks before the crime happened and showed things like the floodlights, exited doors and hinges. others showed the suspect himself one day before the murders. they show him wearing black contacts a big grin and a semi-automatic handgun. alicia is live in colorado where the preliminary hearing has wrapped up. there was a chance we could see him. first time we saw him with the orange hair. >> he does look different. judge says if he decides to send
12:36 pm
this case to trial he will allowed cameras if he say rained on murder for shooting. if it does happen, one of three things could happen on friday according to a local attorney we talked to. holmes' attorney could ask for a continuance. they could raise the issue of competency or he could enter a plea. all signs according to analysts point to a plea by reason of insanity. >> what i don't want to see is him put in a mental institution so he can come out and kill some of your kids 12 years from now. that is what he'll do if you let him back out. >> reporter: today the prosecutor says holmes knew what he was doing and picked a venue that would have a number of people in one place that would have trump escaping. he wanted to kill everyone inside the theater and if the gun hadn't jammed he would have done that. >> shep: he took
12:37 pm
self-photographs and my understanding they showed it in court. did it get reaction? >> families of the victims were in court didn't react much. they talked afterwards, they say they saw james holmes smirk when he saw his own photos being shown in court. this makes the first visible reaction. he didn't show any reaction when three veteran police officers broke down in tears when they talked about what they found inside the theater last july 20th. >> shep: thanks. let's talk to the judge about this. this was the end of the preliminary hearing. judge napolitano is here. they said it might take all week but the defense didn't present anything? >> the defense gave an indication they might present some evidence that would challenge the government's belief that this was planned and
12:38 pm
plotted me thought kli by an intelligent person but they decided not to do it. we don't know what is going through the minds of the court or prosecutors or the minds of defense counsel at this point. we do know a couple of things. the principle principal purpose is to evaluate the state's evidence to see if it is competent to convict. it's clear there is enough. second purpose of a hearing like this is to show the defendant the volume of evidence against him and say, you really wanted to go through this in a courtroom? do you want to be exposed to the electric chair. why don't you plead guilty and we'll let you spend the rest of your life in jail. we don't know the motivations at the time this is being offered. >> this is the decision of accused and his counsel? >> in fairness. the government has not, as far as we know, this would not happen in public until there is an agreement on it. the government has not set we'll
12:39 pm
off you life in prison for a guilty plea but one would thi when there is so many living victims who would suffer such tremendous trauma and during the trial, not unlike the case in arizona where the federal judge was murdered and gabrielle giffords was maimed, but the government would opt to do away with a trial locking this guy up for the rest of the life. one of the ways to persuade him is to present this gruesome evidence to his face which is what they've done. >> shep: our reporter reported a minute ago that the belief of the government and officers he wanted to kill everybody in that building. if it is now his goal to get those who did not die to suffer more, he could go on with this trial and maybe get his wish?
12:40 pm
>> the trial would produce incalculable suffering for the families for the decedents and the families that survived. after months of testimony we'll have months of technical testimony with medical experts trying to persuade the jury. he knew on right from wrong or he didn't know right from wrong. in colorado the government has to prove he was sane. that is a difficult burden to overcome. they have done it before but it makes their case twice as long and as expensive to have that burden to meet. >> shep: twice as painful to all those people. >> yes, we'll be talking about this case for months. >> shep: all right. thank you. >> can't we discuss happy things one day. >> shep: maybe. meantime, the vice president met with victims of gun violence as well as gun safety organizations
12:41 pm
as part of a series of meetings at the white house. you'll recall the president ordered the vice president to draft by the end of the month and that is quick by washington standards recommendations to tactical it by the end of this month. the vice president made it perfectly clear he wants to hear from both sides of the debate. >> tomorrow i've also invited the gun owners and nra and come and make their case as well before us. i want it clear to the american public that on behalf of the president we are reaching out to all parties on whatever side this debate be called if the president is going to act. >> has anybody noticed the vice president's audio is awful. he is determined to take action on the issue and is reportedly
12:42 pm
weighing a possible executive order to help prevent any more mass shootings. carl cameron has details on this. executive order? that means bypassing legislators what is happening here? >> we don't quite know yet. the vice president did not get specific about the executive order but that is an option the president has. this is a push by the president for really reinstating the ban on military assault weapons for new restrictions on high capacity magazines and loophole free background checks. they also want greater attention to mental illness and examination of the effects of violent entertainment on video games games. biden opened up with a reference to the newtown shootings. >> i don't think anything has touched the heart of the american people so profoundly as
12:43 pm
seeing those young children not only being shot but rid weighed bullets. every once in a while something wakes up your conscious and that did it in a way like nothing i've seen in my career. >> reporter: gun rights advocates are digging in and accusing the president to overturn the second amendment and even trampling on the constitution. after meeting with the president and gun safety advocates fired back. >> the whole debate over the second amendment is really just a distraction that the gun lobby is trying to create from a sensible discussion of real solutions and solutions that the american public support. >> reporter: so sportsman and gun owners and the nra will go to the white house tomorrow. the nra made it clear they are
12:44 pm
willing to listen but they are going to fight new gun laws. >> shep: how likely is something is going to be done? >> the executive order would be fast but the pace of legislation is no the up to president. republicans control the house and they can slow it down in the senate. just today g.o.p. leader, mitch mcconnell the priority should be dealing with the debt or deficit and the gun debate could wait until spring. >> shep: carl cameron in washington. thank you. >> we're getting new information on this crane collapse that happened in new york city. just across the east river from manhattan in the borough of queens. at least five said to be injured. there is more to this story i'm now told and we'll have it for you right after this.
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>>. >> shep: there is breaking news now on fox news. rescue crews are on the scene of
12:48 pm
the collapsed crane in the borough of queens. it's now the ed cox bridge but the nypd says five people are injured. new information on this crane. many of you have noticed as this has happened repeatedly in new york city, one time on the upper east side, one time way upper east side and now this one in queens, as it turns out we have confirmed all three cranes are owned by the same man. arthur is an attorney in new york city and represented someone that was involved in one of crane incidents. man's name. >> jimmy loma. he owns the crane down on 51th street and now this one. >> shep: all these cranes stand up free but they hug on to the side of the construction site?
12:49 pm
>> they go up with the building. this one is a little different than the other two but the general concept is the same. it has to do with these cranes is the maintenance, the oversight, the following. there is three-ring binder that is supposed to be at every crane site and supposed to be followed by the letter. any time there is kind of delay it cost money. so if the foreman says, i don't like the way this bolt is here. i wanted to stop the job for afternoon. that is half the floor that is not going up and that is going to cost somebody tens of thousands of dollars. this man is going to have a hard time getting insurance for these cranes after his third strike. when he has no insurance she out of business. >> shep: we don't know what the details are. we know the same man owns the same three cranes that have gone down in the city. and three kriaps have gone down and all of them are owned by
12:50 pm
him. >> he did stand trial for one of them. 91st street crane, the crane was malfunctioning, it will cost $125,000 to fix this crane. he found a company in china who said they could fix the crane almost as good but couldn't guarantee it for $25,000. he hired that company and in the middle of manhattan, that crane fell apart and somebody at least one person was killed. however, the judge trial -- it wasn't so obvious that that is what caused the accident, but he went through a long trial. he thought things he would be more careful and play by the book. nobody knows what had. i was just outside. it's not like it's real windy. no hurricane that i know of. this isn't supposed to happen. >> shep: and it's entirely possible this is freak something
12:51 pm
that didn't have anything to do with nothing. >> and it's usually workers that get injured and they hear crazy noises. >> shep: five people injured. thank you. by now we all know that drinking too much soda is not you but researchers claim they have linked soda, meaning coke, pepsi and all the rest to another possible health issue -- depression. drinking coke or pepsi will depress you? you don't drink enough of it, it gets you jumping around the building, that is what it is for. hang on.
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
>>. >> shep: a new study suggests there may be a link between
12:55 pm
depression and soda or pop. according to researchers, folks who drink four or more cans of diet soda a day are 31% more to be depressed than those that don't drink at all. it was even worse for folks that drink diet fruit drinks, 51% more likely to be depressed. worse for people who don't drink any water. they are dead. you have to have water. it's important to note this does not mean the drinks cause the depression because there is evidence that folks who are depressed crave sweet drinks. so the chicken or the egg? with us is attending physician. >> its good study. there is a lot of patients in the study and followed them for ten years. the science is good. two main issues here.
12:56 pm
diet drinks and sugar drinks, refined drinks are not good for the brain. you get very high levels and low levels. blood sugar is all over the place. so if your sugar levels can cause depression and cause fatigue or insomnia. we know they contain a lot of artificial sweeteners and are nerve toxins to the brain. this drops serotonin that is related to depression. >> shep: is what the deal with fruit drinks, corn syrup? >> partly that but also its toxin. >> so we should drink water? >> the study is preliminary data that has come out today and it will be published in journals, but think there is evidence we need to be careful not to cut
12:57 pm
down on sugar drinks and diet sodas but also to cut down on refined sugars and eat a healthy diet. >> shep: it feels like were en route, sorry, your soda days are over. >> i think his study was not limited to sugar drinks and diet soda. the depression rates are hire. >> shep: is what depressing you have to buy two drinks, that is what is depressing. [ laughter ] thank you. >> shep: we'll be right back.
12:58 pm
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